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what we produce

Our products come from selected and certified companies in a controlled supply chain that guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards.

The product selection, calibration and control process allows us to provide our customers with the freshness, quality and beauty of presentation that are essential values for modern distribution.
The GLOBAL GAP certifications confirm the volition of Agricola 2005 to adhere to the best European quality standards, guaranteeing in this way the consumer safe production, traceability and respect for the environment.

Supply Chain Protocols
HACCP - GLOBAL GAP certification

CPR open disposable and returnable packages - Packing size calibrated

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AGRICOLA 2005 is part of an entrepreneurial and human history that began over 50 years ago in the countryside of one of the most fertile and rich areas of Campania. The company was born as a family management, managed directly by the progenitor, a man of great ability, later also the children and grandchildren have gradually given an increasingly important contribution in the activities. The guideline of AGRICOLA 2005 has always been the research and quality, respecting and following the great Italian fruit and vegetable tradition. The years of experience have added value and strength to a corporate culture oriented towards genuineness and goodness. Today the same culture and the same attention are the guidelines of the successful business managed by Nunzio D'Alterio, Antonio D'Alterio and Pietro lacolare, grandsons of the founder, in the sign of a continuity to the family tradition that is also guarantee of dedication and commitment. AGRICOLA 2005 today is a dynamic and modern reality, present with its products throughout the national market.

AGRICOLA 2005 today cultivates, produces, transforms and sells fruit and vegetables that come mainly from southern Italy. Campania, Lazio, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily are in fact the regions where most of the products are grown according to natural methods and principles of excellence.

The processes follow the HACCP and GLOBAL GAP regulations. Our products arrive every day in the main general fruit and vegetable markets of Italy, always fresh, genuine and, why not, beautiful.

Agricola 2005 Strengths

fresh product

Agricola 2005 Strengths

100% natural

Agricola 2005 Strengths

premium quality

Agricola 2005 Strengths

Carefully Selected

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behind the processes of DISTRIBUTION

The Agricola 2005's products arrive in the main Italian fruit and vegetable centers to reach our customers

Fruit and vegetable distribution centers
- Milan
- Genoa
- Florence
- Bologna
- Rome

Main customers
Large-Scale Retailer
Specialized in the distribution of fruits and vegetables for large-scale retail trade, the company oversees every step of the production chain.

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Contact Info

Agricola 2005

Via Provinciale per Ciamprisco snc
81030, Nocelleto Carinola (CE)

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For information on our supply chain, our distribution system, the quality of our products, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.